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Cotton Field of Dreams: A Memoir: Janis F. Kearney

Yes, I used blue and pink melts. If you can only find white melts you could always just use a couple drops of appropriate food coloring. I just added a link to where you can purchase cotton candy from Amazon. You can normally find bags of cotton candy in your local dollar stores as well. Love that you know the origins of Marshmallow Fluff!

Organic cotton - Facts, myths & FAQs : Have you cottoned

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Cotton Field of Dreams: Janis F. Kearney, Bill Clinton

Print out your envelope design onto transluscent, white polka dot paper and using the scalpel, cut out, score along fold lines (indicated by dotted lines) and construct your envelope. I've used double sided tape on the side tabs to stick the envelope together. Use the rounded corner punch on the corners of the lid.

"Westbrook is out of his cotton-picking mind," Davis said during his play-by-play call Wednesday night as OKC faced the Memphis Grizzlies in Oklahoma City.

Print our your labels and cut out with scalpel.  For the rounded semi-circle edge, I found that cutting carefully and slowly with a scissors produced quite an accurate cut and I didn't need anything more sophisticated than that.

Soil Association symbol: Product certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard by Soil Association Certification Ltd. The Soil Association was a founder member of GOTS and is a quarter owner of Global Standard GmbH which manages the GOTS.
Find out more about the Soil Association.

Davis, who is white, previously covered the Chicago Bulls in the '95s and the Seattle Supersonics before the franchise moved to Oklahoma. He has not commented publicly.

GOTS symbol: Product grown and processed to organic standards. Products carrying the GOTS symbol are made from organic fibres, have met strict environmental and social criteria during processing and have been certified by an independent, third party along the whole supply chain.
Find out more about GOTS.

The use of any organic cotton is a great first step, but in order to be sure a product really is organic from field to finished product, look out for either the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) symbol, the Soil Association symbol or the Organic Exchange symbol. See below for details of what these symbols mean:

However, cotton carrying the GOTS or the Soil Association symbol has not only been grown organically, it has been processed organically too. This means that inputs such as dyes and inks have met strict biodegradability and toxicity rules and waste water is treated before it's let out into the environment - protecting local ecosystems and communities.