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The Tunnel Sabotage Season 2 Episode 1 Recap #TheTunnel

Stefan Czyrko – In the beginning of the episode he is working with evil Vanessa Hamilton. He is the one who procured the bride (who was later beaten and for the sham wedding. He also makes an exchange for a briefcase full of passports. We know from hearing Vanessa on the phone that she made Stefan’s plane reservations. Why did they want him to die? He brought the briefcase with him – so is part of the plan for the passports in the briefcase to be found? Stefan is involved in this nasty business but is made to appear more sympathetic as he gives the bride what she needs to make an escape attempt.

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There are certain things you're never meant to talk about religion, sex, politics. Dave and Ken talk about them all. But don't get hot.

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The actress and director both love the genre, but as they told IndieWire, they also knew it needed to be retrofitted to tell the true story of Catherine Weldon and Sitting Bull.

In an earlier scene, we learn from Elise that Mrs. Fournier worked for the government in cyber security and that Mr. Fournier is a software developer – specializing in GPS technology for large fleets.